From Nicholas McGirr’s Blog : The Wagener Building in Charleston

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Mr. McGirr, as you can see, writes for his Cavalier Tour Guide page, but also has his own blog (and podcast!) Here is a short introduction, please follow the link to read more! Oh, check out his ghost investigation tour, it is totally awesome !

From Nick’s Blog:

A Ghost Story

The building holds an often told ghost story of George Poirier, a suicide from the third floor. His story goes a little like this:

After inheriting a very wealthy cotton business from his father, Poirier knew very little about investments and business management. To escape the demise of his cotton business from the boll weevil insect, and to pay off debts, Poirier sold his cotton stock to the British.

Poirier was already a depressed man, having his fill of dealing with his father’s passed down business and being in over his head after spending his inheritance.

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