SITC Experience : Investigation Locations

Ghost Tours, Stories in the Cemetery

Dock Street Theatre

Said to be one of the most haunted locations in America, Dock Street Theatre is along for the ride when scouting for ghosts. Multiple stories leading to a buried pirate treasure, famous actors and an unhappy prostitute are all tales you’ll hear on a “Stories in the Cemetery: An Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience”. 

By day, you can visit the Dock Street Theatre on a self-guided tour, visiting all the history that lives inside. This is where your investigation begins; on a self-guided tour that allows you to walk the rows of seats and research the balconies of this stunningly beautiful theatre. On your tour of the haunted theatre, you’ll find a taproom perfectly decorated to fit the time periods of the theatre. 

On your SITC Experience, you’ll hear of Nettie Dickerson and why her ghost can only be seen from the knees up; Junius Booth and why he haunts the darkened hallways; last but not least, the links to the Pirate House, located just one block from the Dock Street Theatre. You can hear all these stories and more all while using ghost hunting equipment of the trade.

Some may claim that there aren’t any ghosts walking the streets of Charleston. Book your tickets now to experience them for yourself.

Pinckney Mansion Site

The Pinckney Mansion site is currently a parking lot. This site used to be the home of Charles and Eliza Pinckney. The hauntings that reside here are active and are dying to be found!

On a “Stories in the Cemetery: An Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience” you’re bound to discover some paranormal activity that surrounds this site. 

Eliza Lucas Pinckney, mother of our indigo crops in Charleston, was also the mother of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, one of our founding fathers. Hear tales of Eliza and this very haunted location when you book your SITC Experience today. 

This site will not be investigated for long. There are plans to build a hotel on the site while Charleston could lose the possibly buried artifacts forever. An archaeological dig could bring about new evidence from the Pinckney’s time period as well as artifacts from the slave homes that were also on site. However, there are no plans for a dig at the time of this writing. 

Discover a giant piece of Charleston’s history before it’s too late! Book your tickets now to walk where our ancestors lived.