We are so happy to see our partner Nicholas McGirr’s exceptional ghost hunting tour flourishing in Charleston!

Nick is incredibly knowledgeable about the paranormal world and is passionate about offering an awesome, interactive experience for his guests. We highly suggest signing up for his tour today. Just visit his website or give him a call, and tell him we sent you!

Nick was one of our first associate partners and it has been an honor and privilege to use our technical expertise to support him and the growth of his tour business. CCT provided him the right profile page to support his launch. We mentored and assisted the ‘Stories in the Cemetery’ team in bringing their unique tour offering to the streets of Charleston.

We deeply appreciate the opportunity to help make Nick’s dreams of a ghostly, intelligent, historical and incredibly fun experience come to life. We will continue to support Stories in the Cemetery in our marketing and social media and wish him the very best. 


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With Nicholas McGirr

A tour unlike any other in Charleston!  This is an Interactive Ghost Hunting experience with local author, Nicholas A. McGirr.  You will accompany Nicholas using ghost hunting equipment, searching for paranormal activity in Charleston.  He will teach you the scientific methods and guide you through each ghost hunting tool. You will have the opportunity to use Nick’s ghost hunting equipment and you are encouraged to share your perceptions and findings. Join the hunt!

This is an interactive ghost hunting experience with real ghost hunting equipment including EMF Detector, Grid Pen, Spirit Box,  and Infrared Thermometer.  You will hear stories of some of Charleston’s famous hauntings. Seek out the other-worldly, while you trek and lurk in the alleys and streets of  Charleston. Nicholas will guide you through the historical locations and mysterious spots that make Charleston one of the best ghost hunting grounds in America.


Charleston’s Most Unique Ghost Walk

Nicholas will guide you through the scientific methods of ghost hunting and training you how to use each piece of equipment. Cold spots, apparitions and electromagnetic fields will be measured with the tools of the ghost hunting trade. This tour is meant for ages 13 and up and has the possibility of discovering the truths behind real ghost hunting.

What better way to learn about ghost hunting while you’re visiting one of the most haunted cities in the United States?

Will this tour be memorable?

Of course it will! But even if you can’t remember your most memorable tour, Nicholas tours using a digital recorder to listen for Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP’s for short, and then uploads them to a website for you to hear at your convenience! So, you can enjoy your Stories in the Cemetery tour over and over again. Further, Nicholas’s recordings are at your fingertips for you to discover any EVP’s on your tour!

Is there a ghost guarantee?

With any supernatural investigation, there is no guarantee that a ghost will be seen or heard. But by using several tools of ghost hunting equipment and walking through one of the most haunted cities in America, something is bound to turn up! What will you discover on your tour?

 About this interactive experience

This ghost hunt on the streets of historic Charleston is 90 minutes long. Your host will share local haunting stories. In addition, Nicholas will utilize ghost hunting equipment at various locations along the tour. During the ghost hunt, you will assist Nicholas with an investigation using real tools of the trade. This is an interactive experience using historical data and facts to help with each investigation. Guests will be encouraged to assist and have hands-on experience with the tools of the trade.

 Bring good walking shoes, an open mind and your enthusiasm about the spirit world to truly get the full experience of this guided investigation. This event  is by registration only and tickets sell quickly, reservations required. All tours are $27.

Use Promo Code  ‘ Cemetery’  for $2.00 Off

More from Nicholas A. McGirr

All signed books are available at the end of the investigation walk. Otherwise, they can be found on 

To listen to all of Nicholas’s investigations of haunted locations listen to “Stories in the Cemetery on your favorite podcatcher.

Below is one of the episodes you can enjoy:  

Unlike any ghost tour I have taken before!

Tom’s five-star rating comment.


About Nicholas

Nicholas is a local author, podcaster and blogger. His podcast “Stories in the Cemetery” is the inspiration for his interactive ghost hunting tours. On his blog with the same name, you can find bonus audio and pictures of the many locations he investigates to stir up the history behind haunted buildings, cemeteries and just plain haunted locations. Nicholas has written 7 fiction books, all with themes of the afterlife. He holds degrees in English and Journalism and is getting closer to his Master’s degree in Creative Writing. 

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