4 Poetry Tours

of Charleston

A special series!

Presented by Charleston Cavalier Tours

Poets are the unknown legislators of the world.*

Percey Byshhe Shelly, ‘ In Defence of Poetry’

Join us in April and hear poems from past Charlestonians, learn about the verses they read, as well as listen to modern poetry about the Holy City’s life and culture. In addition, each poet will share some of their work created in a response to the historical research of the tour. A licensed guide and a local poet will lead this 1.5-hour walking tour starting at 9 a.m by the William Gilmore Simms memorial in White Point Gardens at the Battery.

In honor of National Poetry Month, a portion of the proceeds of each tour will go to support the Free Verse Festival and the Speak Freely Foundation and the Queens of Poetry.

April 6

Early Charleston

with Carlos Johnson

‘The world encompassed, our small breaths’

“Early Charleston through a poetic lens – 18th Century

Join licensed tour guide Brian McFarland and local poet Carlos Johnson as we step back in time to reveal early Charleston via lyrical verse.

April 13

Antebellum Charleston

with Joey Tucker

Bid em in!  Bid em in!


Local poet and teacher, Joey Tucker joins tour guide Brian McFarland exploring written works from the time period and modern works about the culture of Charleston in the early 19th century.

April 20

PostBellum Charleston

with Christine Washington

Corrupt bargains seep into our very blood’

“ Verses of Reconstruction

Join one of the ‘Queens of Poetry‘ with licensed guide Brian McFarland to consider this trying time within a variety of poems from and about this critical difficult time in Charleston past.

April 27

20th Century Charleston

with Derek Berry

‘ A passage denoted, a crossing blurred, targeted’

“Across the 20th -word!”

As your guide highlights key events in modern Charleston, the poet Derek Berry will speak to famous Charleston poets to explore Charleston struggles and growth in the modern age.

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We appreciate your interest in our tours and programs. We are proud to provide a unique perspective and personal stories of Charleston, South Carolina unique history.

All of our Above Calhoun tours are $25 for a 1.5-hour walking history tour with a local guide.

Price includes a visit to one of three locations, The Charleston Museum, The Heyward-Washington House or the Manigault House


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Special  Poetic Bundle – All Four Tours across April

“ Time and the word , timeword”

If interested attending all 4 poetry tours, please contact Brian McFarland, owner and license tour guide : brian@charlestoncavaliertours.com


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