Come join us as a Cavalier Guide

on the Poetry Tours of Charleston!

Sharing History Through Verse

Poets are the unknown legislators of the world.*

Percey Byshhe Shelly, ‘ In Defence of Poetry’

You know something about poetry?

Become a Cavalier Guide and share the city’s rich history through poetry. Share Charleston poets and even your own work on the streets of Charleston!

Our compensation plan is tour-guide friendly. And a portion of the proceeds from your tour will support local poetry organizations and festivals.

Your story is our success.

Let’s talk, Charleston.

Cavalier Guides Benefits

  • freedom
  • tour guide friendly compensation
  • appreciation
  • personal focus on poets and poetry
  • web platform for online presence

Thank you for your interest in joining us to share the history and poetry of Charleston. We are seeking poets for tours during the 2019 Free Verse Festival this coming October. As well as poets for another unique touring events in April 2020 ! 

 If have an idea for a tour of your own expertise or fancy let us know!

We are seeking writers of poetry who are also have a keen interest in history. If you are comfortable performing in front of large groups and developing your own tour please contact us. We seek engaging guides for poetical, historical,lyrical, magical walking tours in Charleston, South Carolina.

Your individual, unique expertise with verse will be the focus of the tour.  You will be accompanied by an experienced local guide for crowd control and historical context. Come tell your story.

Bring your in-depth knowledge with a desire to entertain as well as educate.No tour guide license is required. Please fill in the form above.Let’s Talk, Charleston.


Thus girt without and garrisoned at home,
       Day patient following day,
Old Charleston looks from roof, and spire, and dome,
       Across her tranquil bay.

                                                            -Henry Timrod 

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